About ICT (Pty) Ltd renders an Automated IT Support Solution to globally manage and support multiple IT infrastructures of Clients. This solution improves productivity, expands visibility, provide consistency and automate the IT services process. Automation is build into the IT Systems operational deployment and management process by:

• Mirroring best practices associated with the provisioning of services, and;
• Automating repetitive work by machine-driven tasks and processes.

The Automated IT Support Solution distinguishes between proactive and reactive IT Support, unlike point solution which typically only controls single functions in a closed domain-based network or data centre.

This typology enables a single framework for the implementation of IT policies, procedures and methods across highly distributed Wide Area Networks.

By combining Automated IT Service Delivery with a comprehensive Business and Technology Strategy, Clients can transform their business without limits. The benefits of this unique approach to real-time, web-based IT Management & Support are to:

• Enable immediate access to all “linked” IT assets from a single Web interface.
• Securely take charge of Client’s infrastructure and transparently and remotely manage servers, desktops, notebooks and embedded systems, from a central management & support console.
• Maximize staff productivity by addressing support immediately.
• Provide a very secure 256-bit encrypted tunnel for remote Management & Support.
• Provide a cost-effective solution for managing, controlling, analyzing, planning and administering IT System Support.
• Exploit best of bread technology to optimise and expand proactive support solutions.
• Add greater support management value than domain-bound support technology.

This Automated IT Support Solution is ideal for growing and distributed businesses around the globe that want to streamline IT systems management and automate operational support.

The concept of effective outsourcing of non-strategic functions provides Clients the opportunity to enter into a partnership with About ICT and outsource the responsibility of IT Management and Support. Clients can benefit immediately from access to skilled staff without the normal costs associated with recruitment, management and training to stay abreast with technology.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) methodology is used to execute the IT Management and Support that establishes a long standing relationship with the Client. The SLA provides About ICT the opportunity to present lower rates when compared to the standard industry rates charged for Ad-hoc IT Support.

The Comprehensive Service Level Agreement renders clients with a fully outsourced IT Support solution for a fixed monthly cost. The Work Breakdown Structure Items to be rendered are listed below. A detailed Statement of Work for each Work Breakdown System item is available and can be provided to the Client on request.

WBS 010 – Corrective maintenance
WBS 020 – Preventive maintenance
WBS 030 – Help Desk, Fault & Performance Management
WBS 040 – Antivirus System Maintenance
WBS 050 – Data Backup Maintenance and Disaster Recovery Plan
WBS 060 – Software Maintenance
WBS 070 – Hardware Maintenance
WBS 080 – Internet & Mail Server Maintenance
WBS 090 – Vendor Management
WBS 100 – Network System Evaluation & Audits

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