About ICT (Pty) Ltd can offer clients access to the Internet. The Internet Services are rendered to clients using the appropriate data transmission technology such as a dial-up, DSL, Wireless or dedicated high-speed interconnects.

The following internet solutions are available.

•   Complete Office Solution

Start your business with a turn-key Solution that will enable Internet access, market visibility, market communication and immediate VoIP telecommunication. The solution will include:

-  Domain Registration and Hosting
-  E-mail accounts and communication
-  Web Hosting
-  Low Cost SMS Communication
-  A Wireless VOIP Phone and Telecommunication Account

•   Internet Access

Internet access refers to the means by which users connect to the Internet. About ICT can provide the following internet access solutions:

-  Analogue and ISDN Access.
-  Capped ADSL Access.
-  Uncapped ADSL Access.
-  3G / HSDPA Vodacom.
-  Diginet Lines.

•   Website Hosting

By making use of Shared Web hosting services, clients websites are hosted in a secure environment, not only ensuring that it downloads quickly, but also rendering protection from unauthorised access and would-be hackers.

Website hosting is available across both Unix/Linux and Microsoft platforms. These hosting packages offer more space, allow more traffic to your website and include detailed web statistics to help monitor the success of websites.

•   E-mail Hosting

About ICT renders a professional e-mail hosting solution instead of clients using a free e-mail service provider. Clients can also register a domain name and obtain e-mail service through the registered domain name. The e-mail hosting services are:

-  Microsoft Outlook compatible.
-  Block Spam and Viruses.
-  Blackberry, iPhone & PDA Supported.
-  Renders IMAP, POP3, SMTP and webmail access.
-  Reliability with 99.999% Uptime.
-  The Value Added Services of unlimited Fax to Mail and Webmail.

•   Server Hosting

The web hosting industry has spawned a broad range of niche markets over the years. About ICT offers clients Hosting solutions that are tailored for each requirement.

Hosting on the About ICT backbone will render professional firewall security, international and local traffic management structured to enhance operability. The main solutions rendered are Shared, Dedicated and Managed Hosting.

•   Wireless Access

Wireless broadband renders an Internet access solution where limited Telkom infrastructure is available. Wireless broadband is however not a guaranteed solution. This solution is best suited for businesses where web surfing and e-mail is required. About ICT can render a wireless service solution to clients depending on their unique requirement.

•   Security

Human resource records, financial data, intellectual property and the like are often secured in databases and centralised with user access control on clients’ servers. With inadequate security it is trivial to extract valuable data from local or trusting networks.

Different variables like new services, new applications, staffing changes, new connections and more can affect client’s network security. These seemingly innocent alterations can accidentally open windows and backdoors to hackers and opportunists and must be prevented at all times to ensure data security.

About ICT renders security audits and firewall solutions that is tailored for the unique client requirement.

Various options are available to implement a hardware and/or software firewall solution. The security audits deliver an unbiased view of the client’s network security with the aim of enhancement.

•   Internet Marketing

The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing, one of which being lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, both in terms of providing instant response and eliciting response, is a unique quality of the medium.

About ICT renders a Newsletter Marketing solution with a built-in campaign editor to create visually stunning newsletters, promotional e-mails and flyers. It will take no more than 20 minutes to create an e-mail campaign using one of the integrated templates.

The built-in form creation wizard can create subscription forms that can be placed on web sites to collect visitors’ details and add it to a database. If an existing e-mail subscriber list exists it can be imported by using the easy to use import function.

•   Hosted Exchange

The About ICT Hosted Exchange Solution offers a robust, remotely hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Leveraging off proven Microsoft Technology, and benefiting from being located on our backbone infrastructure, the solution provides a high level of resiliency, robustness and redundancy, as well as a range of security, content and management features.

Solution Features

-  Fully Outsourced Enterprise Email
-  Inclusive Anti Spam and Anti Virus
-  5 Anti Virus Engines Scanning
-  Outlook Web Access (OWA)
-  Expandable Storage
-  Web based Provisioning
-  Microsoft ActiveSync
-  99.9% uptime

•   E-Mail Archive

E-mail is one of the most important means of business communication today. As e-mail volumes grow, both the SMME and Enterprise are required to retain, protect and preserve the intellectual property and records held within e-mail effectively.
Electronic data or records have to be available for general business use, audits or legal discovery to meet with compliance regulations.
About ICT provides an e-mail retention and compliance solution managed by an easy to use central web interface that will allow administration of every facet of your e-mail environment.

For unified e-mail retention and compliance management the mail archive components are:
-  Message Archiver
-  Storage and Security
-  Email Filtering (AntiSpam)
-  Content Filtering
-  Email Continuity & Data Recovery
-  Data Import & Migration
-  eDiscovery
-  AD Integration

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